Environmental Assessment & Mgt

This entails assessment of the environmental impact (positive and negative) of a plan, policy, program, or actual projects prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action.

Environmental Audit

Environmental audit is essentially an environmental management tool for measuring the impact of an organizations aspect on the environment against set criteria and standards.

Regulatory Affair

We can advise you during your development process, ensure the generation of the best data for your registration filing, and work with you to develop the optimal regulatory strategy.

Right-of-Way Acquisition

We ensure that our agents represent your company with character and integrity during negotiations to establish the long-lasting goodwill and relationships for the success of every Right-of-Way project.

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We are licensed by several regulatory agencies in the field of environment, including the Federal Ministry of Environment (FMEnv), National Environmental Standards and Regulation Enforcement Agency (NESREA, etc. The company team is built based on partnerships with multi-disciplinary experts. We build our project teams based on alliances with experts around the project area.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (EIA/ESIA, ESMP)

Geoinformatics (GIS, Geotech, Mapping & Topo Surveys, etc)

Environmental Audit & Compliance Monitoring and Resettlement Action Plan


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We assist organisations in safeguarding the environment and promote sustainable development.

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